Located in China's eastern coastal economic zone and the Bo sea economic zone, Feicheng belongs to Jinan metropolitan area, near Jinan in the north, Qufu in the south, in the heartland of international tourist line 'mountain, water, saint'. It is 80 kilometers away from Jinan international airport, 25 kilometers away from the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Fuzhou two highways, 20 minutes away from the Taishan express railway station, and two hours can reach Beijing, three hours to Shanghai. The under construction project Qingdao–Lanzhou expressway and four provincial trunk highways pass though Feicheng. The Beijing-Shanghai railway branch traverses the city, and is 80 kilometers away from Beijing-Kowloon railway. There are road network 'five longitudinal and five horizontal', town to town secondary roads, and country to country roads. The total road length is 2371 kilometers, and the road density is 183.7 km/hundred...

The materials provided by investor and relevant approval items of government departments which can be replenished should complete before bidding or contracted out directly for the record

After new industry put into production, the local fiscal revenue coming from new added tax will be rewarded to enterprise by 100% at the first 3 years, and will be rewarded by 50% from fourth to sixth years. Net income from land expropriation will be rewarded to enterprise 100%.

With complete industrial varieties, perfect system, and characteristics brand , Feicheng has formed 'seven pillar industries' including coal energy, steel metallurgy, engineering machinery, building materials, fine chemical industry, textile and garment, and food processing, whose production value is over seven billion, of which six industries are more than ten billion. It has the biggest production base of formic acid in Asia, the biggest production base of cellulose ether, anchor bolt rolled steel and glass fiber products in China. It also has five China famous brand, including 'ANQIER' home textile, 'YINBAO' food, 'JIN' alcohol equipment, 'FUSHIKANG' flour and 'SUOLIDE' welding materials.

Based on the distribution of our city resources and industrial development, according to the principle of 'planning guide, space optimization, industrial agglomeration, format promotion, intensive and efficient development', the government proposed the industrial layout of 'two belts five areas nine parks', which is the important carrier of changing economic development, adjusting the industrial structure, promoting industrial cluster development and upgrading during the twelfth five year period and it is also the key point of project investment.