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Investment Advantages


Superior geographical advantages

Located in China's eastern coastal economic zone and the Bo sea economic zone, Feicheng belongs to Jinan metropolitan area, near Jinan in the north, Qufu in the south, in the heartland of international tourist line "mountain, water, saint". It is 80 kilometers away from Jinan international airport, 25 kilometers away from the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Fuzhou two highways, 20 minutes away from the Taishan express railway station, and two hours can reach Beijing, three hours to Shanghai. The under construction project Qingdao¨CLanzhou expressway and four provincial trunk highways pass though Feicheng. The Beijing-Shanghai railway branch traverses the city, and is 80 kilometers away from Beijing-Kowloon railway. There are road network "five longitudinal and five horizontal", town to town secondary roads, and country to country roads. The total road length is 2371 kilometers, and the road density is 183.7 km/hundred square kilometers.

Rich Natural Resources

Feicheng is a good place in central Shandong and rich of energy resources, which is recorded in spring and autumn period. Feicheng is an important national and provincial base of energy building materials with more than 30 kinds of mineral resources, with large reserves and high quality. The national power group Shiheng power plant installed capacity of 2.3 million kilowatts, being one of the national most safe regional power grids.

Rock salt

With an area of 20.44 square kilometers and reserves of 5.02 billion tons, there are plenty of water and electricity, and alkali limestone resources, suitable for the construction of large salt chemical enterprise. At present, Feicheng modern salt chemical industry base is classified as one of Shandong 28 Marine industry linkage development demonstration bases, attracting Shandong Xinfa group, Tianjin Bohua group totally five companies to invest and develop, forming the scale of annual output 3 million tons of liquid salt, and 1.2 million tons of refined salt. Projects of Shandong Xinfa Group second phase 1.5 million tons/year and Tianjin Bohua Group 1.2 million tons per year are under construction. Shandong Xinfa group 0.8million tons of soda ash projects are being planned.


With an area of 120 square kilometers and resources quantity of 15 billion tons and with thick seam and high quality, it is a rare large mine in china, suitable for the construction of large gypsum finishing enterprises. There are two production wells with annual capacity of 0.8 million tons for the cement industry and building products by initial processing.


Feicheng is an important coal base in Shandong province with total area of 106 square kilometers and reserves of 690 million tons and the coal strata is stable. There are 11 mine wells, providing enough energy for production and living. Aluminum and coal chemical industries also are built.


Mainly distributed in the central part of Feicheng, limestone covers area of 100 square kilometers and has the predicted quantity of 3.5 billion tons. It has the characteristics of many layers, wide distribution and high quality, suitable for construction of high qualified large cement enterprise.

Hot springs

With area of 100 square kilometers, depth of 163 meters, the bottom highest temperature of 72.6 ¡æ, the outlet temperature of 62.2 ¡æ, water yield 120 cubic meters per hour and recoverable amount of 2.26 billion kilocalorie, it has the characteristics of shallow storage, high temperature, and easy development. Rich of54 kinds of trace elements such as metasilicic acid, fluorine, boric acid and strontium, it has reached the requirements of medical value. Now hot spring tourist resort is being designed.


Feicheng peach

Also known as the Buddha peach and birthday peach, Feicheng peach is unique precious resources here and has cultivation history of 1700 years. Famous for its beautiful appearance, good taste and rich nutrition and the maximum weight is 900 grams, Feicheng peach is hailed as ¡°the champion of peach¡±and so Feicheng is named as "China's Buddha peach township". At present, there are more than 60 varieties, forming the early- middle- late series, and mainly are traditional Buddha peach, honey peach, chinese birthday peach and nectarine, which has basically achieved the goal that four seasons have peach. In recent years, Feicheng peach industry function and cultural connotation are constantly being expanded and the traditional industry has developed into modern industry integrated with flower enjoy, peach taste, handicraft processing, peach culture exhibition and peach garden tour.

Strong Industrial Base

Agricultural scale advantage is obvious and there is a record of "Feicheng is fertile land since ancient times, Wenyang field is the best in Qilu Dynasty¡±. The scale advantage of organic vegetables, Feicheng peach, livestock and other agricultural products is developing and industrialization is advanced in the country. With organic vegetables area of nearly 0.2 million mu, it is the city which is first to get certification, first to plan formulation, most to export with largest area, known as ¡°the first city of organic vegetables ". We constructed 86 characteristic agriculture parks, incluing 10 thousand of Aoya cows, Lihua poultry, maple ducks and 131 leading enterprises, and poultry breeding stock reached 6.7 million, being the largest breeding base of meat duck in Shandong province and the largest breeding base of maple duck in China. The safe meat from Yinbao Company is the only pork for McDonald in China. Feicheng also is the demonstration city of economic forest industry and the first green a well-to-do city with forest coverage of 39.3%, wood accumulation of 2.2 million cubic meters, and the area of high qualified fruit of 280000 mu including Feicheng peach, walnut and cherry, forestry output value reaching 1.8 billion RMB.

Industrial cluster is developing with high-end level and the seven pillar industries growth rapidly, including coal and electricity energy, equipment manufacturing and new building materials, cultivating a batch of pillar industries, key enterprises and famous brands. Two companies entered China top 500 and the production standards of formic acid from Aside, alcohol from Jinta, and wheel from YunYu become national and industry standards. With the base of formic acid which is the largest in Asia and the second in the world, the base of cellulose ether, anchor steel and glass fiber products which is the largest in china, and the production base of national important precision casting, engineering axle, alcohol equipments, Feicheng attracted America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao totally 35 merchants to invest. The average annual growth of utilization of foreign capital and the amount of import and export is more than 30%, making Feicheng be the first in Taian every year.

The development of high-end service industry is agglomerated, cultivating six industries: cultural tourism, commerce and trade circulation, modern logistics, finance and insurance, science and technology information, business service, being the influential circulation area in southwest area, the important distributing center of coal, vegetables, and building materials in Shandong province, and the national largest peach wooden craft production and distribution center. Relying on Mount Tai, we propagate peach culture and implement development strategy of "one city" (building China's excellent tourist city), "two festival," (peach flower tourism festival, the autumn peach festival), "three line" (historical and cultural famous people line in the north, auspicious peach culture line in central part and ecological leisure line in the south),which makes cultural tourism develop prosperously. Feicheng peach flower festival became one of  national four peach flower festivals and one of the top ten brand festivals, and the carving customs of peach wood was listed in Shandong intangible cultural heritage. Peach wood tourism commodity became the country's largest research and development base of peach wood crafts, building the first museum of tourism commodities.

Beautiful City Environment

Feicheng has beautiful ecological environment with special design and construction, building area of 44.3 square kilometers, urbanization rate of 51.3%, city green land rate of 40.6%, green coverage of 44.8%, the per capita green area of 18.76 square meters. Popularity rate of urban water supply, gas supply, heat supply, and centralized treatment rate of rubbish and sewage all achieved above 85%. With dotted commercial outlets, various delicious food and perfect supporting facilities, people have convenient life in Feicheng. Thanks to stable social security and kind people, Feicheng become the most suitable place for living, awarded as national garden city and the best ecological livable city in China.

Rich Human Resources

Feicheng¡¯s human resources is rich and education training system is perfect, which improves the quality of labor force, and there are nearly 0.1 million of professional and technical people. Adjacent to two most important educational culture cities- Jinan and Taian, Feicheng set up long-term cooperative relations with all kinds of universities and research institutes to develop professional technical training and scientific research. Integrating educational resources and establishing national key vocational school, there are ten thousand students at school and they provide more than 3000 high qualified professional and technical personnel and more than 8000 training employment personnel every year. Feicheng is the hometown of construction safety in Shandong province, ranking second in the provincial construction industry top ten counties, and "Feicheng Jianan" is the first well-known service brand in Shandong province. Perennial working outside staff are nearly 0.15 million, who engaged in installation projects of mechanical and electrical equipment, ventilation pipe, water gas, boiler, bridge and public works. Since 1990, Feicheng was identified as "building services base county" by Beijing city.

Effective Government Affairs Environment

Feicheng is the best investment city of China, the national most potential small and medium-sized city among top ten cities, and the advanced city in Shandong peace construction. Adhering to the service concept, actively creating policy environment of "close business, stable business and rich merchants", Feicheng built "three platform"- the administrative approval service, public resources trading and electronic supervision, and "a window external" to handle 323 service items of 48 departments with the average handle time of 2.8 working days, creating affairs environment of "zero dysfunction, low cost and high efficiency". At the same time, manage engineering bidding, government procurement and land for auction in unity, establishing the "sunshine" platform to prevent corruption of science and technology, system and mechanism. Feicheng public examination and approval service was named as brand in Shandong province and public resources trading service specification was identified as Shandong local standards.

Broad Development Platform

According to goal of "building China peach hometown, constructing beautiful Feicheng and building happy homeland together", Feicheng is trying to build ¡°three cities¡± (modern industry strong city, the famous historical and cultural city and ecological livable city), expand development of city, and construct "three zones and four parks" (high-tech industry development zone, agricultural high-tech demonstration zone, the emerging industrial development zone, Wenbian industrial park, Shiheng industrial park, Laocheng industrial park and Hutun modern logistics park).Urban development and construction area will increase to 60 square kilometers from 40 square kilometers now. "Three zones and four parks" mainly aim at the world and China top 500 famous enterprises, being the first choice of undertaking the industry transfer of high-tech and modern service international and domestic.

Opportunities of optimizing and upgrading the traditional industry

The integration and reorganization step of seven traditional pillar industries including coal energy, steel and metallurgy, engineering machinery, fine chemical industry, building materials, textile and garment and food processing will be quick, leading industries into all kinds of zone. Use technological upgrading instead of expanding old products, promote the extension of product industry chain and transformation of innovation achievements, cultivating and strengthening enterprise strength. As for construction machinery industry, to build modern manufacturing base as the goal, and on the basis of YunYu machinery, Jinta, Jincheng heavy industry, speed up the implementation of YunYu brake drive axle assembly and Jinta waste liquid enrichment device. As for chemical industry, taking development of rock salt resources as breaking through, actively develop characteristic product line of high value-added and intensive processing products; Promote Ruitai , Yiteng cellulose and Aside formic acid capacity to further expand the market size. Promote gypsum building materials, textile and garment, food processing and other traditional industries technology upgrade, enhancing market competitiveness.

Opportunities of emerging strategic industry development

In order to build strategic support for the future development of Feicheng, ¡¶Guide Directory of Strategic Emerging Industries Key Fields in Feicheng¡· was made, with new energy, environmental protection and biological medicine industry as focus, and speed up the development of strategic emerging industries. For new energy industry, develop the solar energy heat utilization, photovoltaic power generation, and LED energy-saving light source, building first-class new energy industrial cluster. For environmental protection industry, actively introduce foreign advanced technology, and mainly develop atmosphere water and solid waste pollution prevention, clean production, circular economy and resource recycling technology and process equipment. For biological medicine industry, use high and new technology to accelerate the development of the industries with the body of biological agents, deep processing of chemical pharmaceuticals, biological manufacturing and biological energy as the main body of the biological medicine industry. At the same time, vigorously develop electronic information and cultural creative industry.

Opportunities of Modern Service Industry Development

Fully implement encouraging and supporting policy, promote the traditional services of commerce and trade circulation, at the same time, vigorously foster the growth of productive service such as modern logistics and financial service, and actively develop new services such as tourism, culture and business services. Adhere to the priority of modern logistics industry, seize the opportunity that Hutun modern logistics park was listed as key logistics park and key service construction project in Shandong province, and accelerate the construction of production service logistics cluster areas, promoting modern logistics industry to a higher level. Speeding up the development of tourism, and further promoting planning, integration of resources and brand building, concentrate on the cultural tourism projects including spring and autumn ancient city, the Chinese intellectual businessman culture industrial park, world Taoyuan tourist resort, and mount Tai botanical garden to create China's excellent tourist destination.