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With complete industrial varieties, perfect system, and characteristics brand , Feicheng has formed í░seven pillar industriesí▒ including coal energy, steel metallurgy, engineering machinery, building materials, fine chemical industry, textile and garment, and food processing, whose production value is over seven billion, of which six industries are more than ten billion. It has the biggest production base of formic acid in Asia, the biggest production base of cellulose ether, anchor bolt rolled steel and glass fiber products in China. It also has five China famous brand, including "ANQIER" home textile, "YINBAO" food, "JIN" alcohol equipment, "FUSHIKANG" flour and "SUOLIDE" welding materials.

Coal power energy industry is the foundation of Feicheng industrial development. There are more than 10 coal enterprises mainly including Shandong Feicheng Mining Group, Shandong Longyuan Group and Shandong JuYuan Group with annual output of 6 million tons of coal. Shiheng power plant is the main power production enterprise with total installed capacity of 2 million kilowatts. Solar photovoltaic power generation and biomass straw generation makes Feicheng become oriental electric city.

Iron and steel metallurgy industry is the mainstay industry which has a big influence on other industries. Base on Shiheng Special Steel Group, it has formed production capacity of 3 million tons of steel,3 million tons of material,3 million tons of iron, becoming the important anchor steel production base in China.

Engineering machinery industry has the obvious advantages in industry cluster, and engineering drive axle matching rate ranked first in the same domestic industry, Based on Yunyu machinery group, it formed the scale of annual output of 200 thousand of engineering machinery drive axles, 400 thousand of brakes, 200 thousand of steel rims and 100 thousand of tons of casting and forging

Building materials industry is headed by Mishan Cement Company, Juyuan Gesso Company and Lutai Technology Company. It owned the production line of 4000 tons cement clinker and deep processing production capacity of 800 thousand tons of gypsum and gypsum building materials.

Fine Chemistry industry is headed by ASIDE Chemical Company, RUITAI Cellulose Company and YITENG Chemical Company and it is the competitive industry with large potential. The production capacity of formic acid reached 15 tons each year, ranking No. 1 in Asia and No. 2 in the world with domestic market occupancy of 70%. Cellulose series became the largest production base in China and occupied 80% share of China market and export market.

The food processing industry is the transformation industry, mainly including edible salt processing, meat processing, organic and vegetables processing. The key enterprises are YINBAO Food Company, BAJIE Food Company, Refined Salt Company, FUKUAN Biology Company and LVLONG Food Company.

Textile and clothing industry is the traditional superior industry in our city, and is headed by TAIPENG Group, LONGXIANG Textile Company and AOSHI Group with annual output of 2 million sets of suit, 26 thousand tons of yarn and blended yarn and 15 thousand tons of non-woven polyester fiber.