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Regional Investment


Based on the distribution of our city resources and industrial development, according to the principle of "planning guide, space optimization, industrial agglomeration, format promotion, intensive and efficient development", the government proposed the industrial layout of "two belts five areas nine parks", which is the important carrier of changing economic development, adjusting the industrial structure, promoting industrial cluster development and upgrading during the twelfth five year period and it is also the key point of project investment.

"Two belts": the northern is traditional industries belt and the south is resource development industry belt. North-South two belts have different emphases. Northern industrial belt is along the new Tailin road, extending west from the city to Shiheng, relying on high-tech District, Xincheng, Laocheng, Hutun, Shiheng and other industrial and mining areas to upgrade coal, iron and steel, machinery manufacturing and other traditional competitive industries. Industrial upgrading focus on the development of high-tech, advanced equipment manufacturing, new materials and modern logistics, high starting point to undertake the Bohai Sea and the provincial capital metropolitan industrial transfer. Along the Chao-Wen Road and Jiyan Road, extending south from the city to Wei Yang, relying on Chaoquan, Yiyang, Anzhan, Anzhuang, Bianyuan, Wenyang and other street town, southern industrial zone takes advantage of location, resources, ecological and other aspects, taking high efficient utilization of mining and agriculture resource as the main line, using the park development and project construction as the carrier, focusing on the development of strategic emerging industries, trade and logistics, organic vegetable processing, gypsum rock salt resources development.

"Five areas": it refers to the high-tech industrial development area, the emerging industrial area, modern agricultural high-tech industries demonstration area, the modern salt chemical industry area and Taoyuan tourism area. For high-tech area, according to the requirement of "strong industrial park, improve the park functions, optimize the park image", focus on expansion and growth and accelerate the "second pioneering", and introduce a number of flagship projects and strategic investors to accelerate the construction of the domestic first-class, the province's leading scientific and technological innovation leading area and industrial upgrading demonstration area. Through three years of efforts, strive to sprint to the national high-tech zone. For emerging industrial area, covering the southeastern part of Xincheng and the area north of the Yi Yang, setting up the "to do park is to do city " concept, proceed with powerful breakthrough in the improvement of infrastructure, and plan construction of the north area and speed up the project filling to improve the supporting facilities with high standard, strong efforts to enhance the quality of park’s form. Focus on creating high-end commercial buildings and constructing technology incubation carrier and foster new service format to cultivate the new economic projects, striving to build new industry gathering area and the city production integrated model area. For modern agricultural high-tech industries demonstration area, which is the main front to promote the agriculture transformation and upgrading of our city and covers the eastern part of Xincheng and the area north of Yiyang, actively promote the park to the north expand coverage to improve standard and expand function. Further strengthen the introduction intensity to the industrial and commercial capital and research institutes to accelerate the construction of a number of modern agriculture, facility agriculture, biological agriculture, sightseeing agriculture projects, to build the national first-class modern agricultural demonstration zone. For modern salt chemical industry park, focus on the rock salt deep processing and extend salt chemical industry chain with body of salt chemical industry - fine chemical industry - advanced new materials to improve the supporting infrastructure construction, making big industrial clusters and building large-scale comprehensive salt chemical industry base., with the planning area of north of QingLan high speed, west of JiYan Road, south of the TaiFei first class road and east area of Liu Tai village, Taoyuan tourist resort plans to build the national tourist resort which will gather peach cultural, natural essence, eco-tourism, cultural experience, entertainment, business meeting, health resort and other functions. The project completion will effectively enhance the level of the city's cultural tourism and accelerate the construction process of " Capital of China Peach- Beautiful Feicheng ".

"Nine parks": it refers to the modern agricultural machinery park, E-commerce industrial park, cultural and creative industry park and professional parks from Shiheng, Hutun, Laocheng, Wenyang, Anzhan and Anzhuang towns. Highlight the "specialized, sophisticated, unique and new" supporting infrastructure, and take advantage of major works to speed up the building of professional economic park.