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China peach town- beautiful Feicheng

Dear friends,

Welcome to “China Feicheng”government website.

Located in the middle of Shandong province and the west of Mount Tai, Feicheng is the hometown of China peach. The name is from Western Zhou Dynasty when Fei family lived here and it was regarded as county at the beginning of Western Han Dynasty, which has 2200 history. In 1992, town became city with total area of 1277 square kilometers, town of 10, street office of 4 and provincial high tech development area of 1, villages of 605 and household population of 985.8 thousand.

In recent years, Feicheng economy develops rapidly and comprehensive ability is enhanced with completed industrial system, happy living life and harmonious social development. Feicheng ranked 42nd in national counties of basic economic competitiveness, 48th in middle and small cities of comprehensive ability, 16th in most investing potential cities, 4th in cities with most impetus in Shandong province and 20th in the best counties of China mainland in Forbes list. Feicheng gets many national and provincial honorary titles such as national garden city, the best investment environment in China, the best ecological livable city, the advanced city of safety construction, the advanced city of technology, China Environmental Award, balanced development county of compulsory education and the advanced county of construction of cultural province.

Feicheng is full of gentlemen and rich cultural heritage. There are many ancient celebrities: "history saint" –Zuo Qiuming, “seventy-two disciples of Confucius”- Ranzi and Youzi, “business saint”- Fanli, and “Wushu saint”- Sunbin.

Great talents appear successively in modern society, such as Tianjiyun, Ouyangzhongshi, and Zhaodan. Feicheng is rich of tourism resources: national forest garden Niu Mountain Muke Village is honored as “the first ancient village in China”; Tao mountain geopark has many kinds of statues; Yunmeng mountain where Sunbin trained soldiers is called “northern plant kingdom”. There are also many other beautiful scenes such as the Peach Garden, Jianyun Mountain and Little Mount Tai.

Feicheng is rich of resources with huge developing potential. With more than 1100 years planting history, Feicheng peach is unique precious resource and is famous for its big body and good taste. With area of 0.1 million Mu, peach garden is included in the Guinness world record and is named as “the world biggest peach garden”. There are many resources including coal with 1.1 billion tons, rock salt with 5 billion tons, gesso with 15 billions, granite, potash feldspar, high qualified limestone, and geothermal energy with total area of 100 square kilometers.

Feicheng has superior geographical position and convenient transportation. Located in China's eastern coastal economic zone and the Bo sea economic zone, Feicheng belongs to Jinan metropolitan area, near Jinan in the north, Qufu in the south, in the heartland of international tourist line "mountain, water, saint". It is 80 kilometers away from Jinan international airport, 25 kilometers away from the Beijing-Shanghai and Beijing-Fuzhou two highways, 20 minutes away from the Taishan express railway station, and two hours can reach Beijing, three hours to Shanghai. The under construction project Qingdao–Lanzhou expressway and four provincial trunk highways pass though Feicheng. The Beijing-Shanghai railway branch traverses the city, and is 80 kilometers away from Beijing-Kowloon railway. There are road network "five longitudinal and five horizontal", town to town secondary roads, and country to country roads.

Feicheng industrial characteristics are distinctive and emerging industries are booming. Thanks to the earliest development of organic vegetables in domestic, earliest planning and largest area, Feicheng becomes “the first county of organic vegetables in China”. Feicheng peach has developed into a set of modern industrial system, including flower enjoy, peach taste, tourism, peach wood processing, and peach culture. In 2002, the first Feicheng peach flower tourism festival is held and we have successfully held 12 festivals until now. There are 60 series of peach wood artwork and more than 3000 varieties, making Feicheng be the national biggest distribution base. Industrial economy is developing rapidly and it has formed “eight industrial clusters”including construction machinery, auto parts, glass fiber products, salt chemistry, agriculture, mining machinery, nonwoven material, peach wood tourism products processing, food processing and gesso building materials. Feicheng is formic acid production base which is the largest in Asia and second in the world, the world largest production base of cellulose ethers, bolt steel, glass fiber products and rock salt, and the important production base of precision casting, construction machinery axle, alcohol machinery equipment and strong magnetic materials. Feicheng city takes the lead in publishing profile to support the development of new industries in Shandong province and sets special funds for new industries and plans its development areas to support “four new and one high”industries including energy, new materials, new medicine, new energy- saving and environment protection and advanced equipment production.

Standing in the new higher starting point, with the direction of quickly development, point of making progress steadily and quickly, and theme of accelerating economy transformation and updating, we should seize three opportunities” of deepening reform, new urbanization, economic circle with provincial capitals, and four plans of promoting traditional industry, cultivating new industries, strengthening agricultural development and spanning development of service industry. We should achieve new breakthroughs in six key points by enlarging projects, constructing garden area, developing urban and rural area, protecting ecology environment, improving the ability of culture and promoting livelihood quality to start the new journey of China peach, beautiful Feicheng”!

Here we sincerely welcome all friends, people from all walks of life, and talents from home and abroad to visiting and investing in Feicheng! We are looking forward to creating beautiful tomorrow together with esteemed you!