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Feicheng General Situation



Feicheng is located in the middle of Shandong province and the west of Mount Tai. In 1992, town became city with total area of 1277 square kilometers which including towns of 10, street offices of 4 and national grade high-tech development area of 1, villages of 605 and the total population of 992 thousand.


With complete industrial varieties, perfect system and characteristic brand, in recent years, in the face of the international financial crisis, and in the key point of optimization of layout of regional development, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, Feicheng carries forward the construction of the ecological city with the main characteristics of green, low carbon, harmonious and sustainable development to walk out a civilized road with local features , affluent life and sound ecological environment, which makes economy upturn and comprehensive strength increase substantially. In 2016, Feicheng achieved the region's GDP of 73 billion yuan and the public finance budget income of 4.21 billion yuan; total retail sales of social consumer goods of 29.06 billion yuan and investment in fixed assets of 60.71 billion yuan; the average per capita disposable income reached 31721 yuan for city dwellers, the average per capita net income of rural residents rose to 15130 yuan. Feicheng ranked 56nd in the top 100 basic competitiveness of the county economy£¬45th in the top 100 comprehensive strength of small and medium-sized cities,16th in the top 100 most investing potential cities. Feicheng gets many national and provincial honorary titles such as National land and resources conservation intensive model county,Rural 123 industry integration test point county,Rural living sewage comprehensive management demonstration city,National health city,the advanced city of safe construction, Forest city,Water-saving cities,Cultural advance county,Civilized city nominated city, Basic equilibrium counties of Compulsory education development,China environmental award, Food production advance county,Provincial electronic commerce demonstration county,Modern animal husbandry demonstration county,A model market for saving land and resources,Circular economy demonstration county,The advanced city of ecological civilized country construction,Green shade action demonstration city,Habitat Environment Award etc.


Located in northern latitude 35¡ã53¡ä¡«36¡ã19¡ä and east longitude 116¡ã28¡ä¡«116¡ã59¡ä and with length of 48 kilometers from north to south and 37.5 kilometers wide from east to west, Feicheng belongs to the temperate continental monsoon climate with the characteristics of distinct seasons, sufficient sunlight and warmth. The annual sunshine hours are 2607, and annual average temperature is 12.9 ¡æ with frost-free period of 200 days and average annual rainfall of 659 mm. The north is higher than south with hilly mountain in the central uplift belt, the Kanghui plain in the north and the Wenyang plain in the south, forming many kinds of topographic features including morphology plains, mountains, and hills etc.


Feicheng has a long history and splendid culture which is named from Western Zhou Dynasty when Fei family lived here and it was regarded as county at the beginning of Western Han Dynasty, which has 2200 history. There are many ancient celebrities including "history saint" ¨CZuo Qiuming and ¡°business saint¡±- Fanli with the reputation of ¡°the gentleman city¡±. The ruins of ZuoQiuMing tomb, Fanli tomb, and the Youqi temple still exist here. Because of the inheritance of ¡°two saint¡±culture, Feicheng formed the humanity feature of integrity and sincere commitment, and the regional characteristics of respecting and appreciating for business. There are also many other scenic spots and historic sites where many famous person visited such as Confucius, Yanyuan, Libai, Dufu, and Guanyu. Famous movie performance artist Zhaodan and famous calligrapher Ouyangzhongshi were born in Feicheng. There are also glorious revolutionary history in modern times such as famous Anti-Japanese Armed Uprising of Taixi and Lufang Battle conducted by Luo Ronghuan and Chen Guang.


Feicheng is rich of tourism resources, including historic culture relics of Dawenkou and the Great Wall of Qi, and many beautiful natural scenic spots such as Jinniu mountain national forest park, Tao mountain national geological park, little Mount Tai, Wanglu lake and Yunmeng mountain etc. The main peak of national forest park Mukezhai was the place where the famous general Muguiying in Northern Song stationed her troops. The Tao Mountain is national geological park which has beautiful scenery with the relic of Qiyou temple and Fanli tomb. The Jianyun mountain called ¡°Mountain of all kinds of fruits¡±is very precipitous, with the vegetation coverage rate of more than 98%. With exuberant forest, Yunmeng mountain is called ¡°North vegetable kingdom¡±where Sunbin and Pangjuan fighted a battle of wits and courage in Spring and Autumn period. One hundred thousand mu of the peach blossom garden is a beautiful scenic route of Feicheng tourism with the reputation of ¡°retreat away from the world and fairyland on earth¡±.