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Energy Resources


Feicheng is a good place in central Shandong and rich of energy resources, which is recorded in spring and autumn period. Feicheng is an important national and provincial base of energy building materials with more than 30 kinds of mineral resources, with large reserves and high quality. The national power group Shiheng power plant installed capacity of 2.3 million kilowatts, being one of the national most safe regional power grids.

Rock salt

With an area of 20.44 square kilometers and reserves of 5.02 billion tons, there are plenty of water and electricity, and alkali limestone resources, suitable for the construction of large salt chemical enterprise. At present, Feicheng modern salt chemical industry base is classified as one of Shandong 28 Marine industry linkage development demonstration bases, attracting Shandong Xinfa group, Tianjin Bohua group totally five companies to invest and develop, forming the scale of annual output 3 million tons of liquid salt, and 1.2 million tons of refined salt. Projects of Shandong Xinfa Group second phase 1.5 million tons/year and Tianjin Bohua Group 1.2 million tons per year are under construction. Shandong Xinfa group 0.8million tons of soda ash projects are being planned.


With an area of 120 square kilometers and resources quantity of 15 billion tons and with thick seam and high quality, it is a rare large mine in china, suitable for the construction of large gypsum finishing enterprises. There are two production wells with annual capacity of 0.8 million tons for the cement industry and building products by initial processing.


Feicheng is an important coal base in Shandong province with total area of 106 square kilometers and reserves of 690 million tons and the coal strata is stable. There are 11 mine wells, providing enough energy for production and living. Aluminum and coal chemical industries also are built.


Mainly distributed in the central part of Feicheng, limestone covers area of 100 square kilometers and has the predicted quantity of 3.5 billion tons. It has the characteristics of many layers, wide distribution and high quality, suitable for construction of high qualified large cement enterprise.

Hot springs

With area of 100 square kilometers, depth of 163 meters, the bottom highest temperature of 72.6 ℃, the outlet temperature of 62.2 ℃, water yield 120 cubic meters per hour and recoverable amount of 2.26 billion kilocalorie, it has the characteristics of shallow storage, high temperature, and easy development. Rich of54 kinds of trace elements such as metasilicic acid, fluorine, boric acid and strontium, it has reached the requirements of medical value. Now hot spring tourist resort is being designed.