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Fan Li Park


With the planning area of 286 acres, of which the water area of 70 acres, planting area of 200 acres, a total investment of 60 million Yuan, Fan Li Park is the largest area of the Long Shan River belt parks.

Mainly built the center lake by using Long Shan River distributaries’ channel construction in, build urban forest landscape on the basis of the original disc surrounding forest, the park plan forming four functional areas, namely the entrance landscape area, characteristics water district, ecological forest area, conference center. The entrance landscape area is the main theme of the landscape along the northeast to southwest, progressive, landscape node mutual echo, magnificent atmosphere, fascinating; The characteristics water district is urban construction unique leisure places by using the original river and the Jiang Nan style of the water street in the park; The ecological forest area is forest recreational trail is increased by the shape of the terrain and the maximum create a natural ecological environment, to create a noisy city in the green forest; The Convention Centre is formed by the lake island and Conference Center, which has quiet environment, beautiful scenery, and with the whole park mutual fusion and independently of one another, it is a good place of meeting and leisure.

With water as the carrier, the park in the planning and design strive to achieve each ship, vehicle and pedestrian attractions can be reached. After the completion, the park will become a paradise like activity place in the city, with lush trees, green rich, unique landscape, as if place oneself in both ancient and modern space, it is refreshing and pleasant nostalgia.