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Yu Du Guan


Founded in 1930s, the original site is in Taoyuan Town Beiwang Village, because of disrepair these years; Yu Du Guan is severely damaged. In 1992, Feicheng City Party committee and government decided to move to the south of downtown dragon at the foot of the mountain, by the demolition of the drawing paper, unvarnished rebuild, and finish the built in 1994. It has three artistic achievements: one is calligraphy couplets, the second is sculptures, and the third is mural art.

Built under the thought of “three religions in one”, Yu Du Guan has two palaces before and after, the before one is higher than the after one. Qian Dian Lvzu hall, is located in the platform with the high 1.6 meters, 14 meters wide, depth of 17 meters, the plinth and the platform is full of flowers, insects, animal patterns carved. Lvzu hall has architectural features of the upper cover for the four single angle cornices, hard stone ridge, red edge tile matching, foiling tall Chiwen and ridge beast. Four sides out of 20 eight root edge pillar is supporting the four brims. The pillars are carved with the celebrity calligraphy couplets, true, grass, Li, Zhuan, different style of the font.
   The East-West gable of Lvzu hall is a large mural in the content of Lv Dongbin's life story. The mural is 2.8 meters high, 20 meters long, with a total area of 56 square meters, mainly formed by the birth of Lu Dongbin, exam, opera peony, release division, the Handan dream, Zhongnanshan studies, Jianghuai kill Jiao Dragon , drunk three times in Yueyang Tower, Eight Immortals crossing the sea stories. The legend is ingeniously arranged in the up and down with a new, vivid composition, appropriate color shading, smooth lines. On the eyebrow board under the eaves of Lvzu hall,  there is carved with characters of the eight immortals, the middle is the originator of Taoism of Lao Tzu, the nine fairy hold each treasures with various shapes.
   The behind hall of Yu Du Guan is San Jiao hall. The building structure is same with the front of Lvzu hall, the eyebrow board is connected by nine dragons, interspersed with orderly, vivid. There are two dragon lotus Engraved Stone, about 5 meters high, the lower is the lotus, the upper part is in cloud design, and the middle is dragon, carving delicate, vivid style. The temple in San Jiao hall is Comprehensive murals with the main characters of Taoism and Buddhism and Confucianism painted in a room. It is 3 meters high, 23 meters long, with a total area of 69 square meters. In Taoism, the sky is divided into three levels; the highest is Yuqing, the second is Shangqing, the third is Taiqing. The positive upper is God of Taoism; the middle is Yuqing realm original Primus God; the left is Shangqing realm Lingbao senior God, and the right is Taiqing realm moral revere God, that is, Lao Tzu's tablets. The tablets arranged on both sides are Yuhuang, Wangmu, Digong and Tiangong, they are also belongs to the scope of Taoism. Lower middle is Taoism’s Sakyamuni, commonly known as the Rulai Buddha, the left is Manjusri Bodhisattva, and on the right is Samantabhadra, both sides are the Buddhist disciples, four Dharma King Kong, Heng Ha two generals. The east wall is Kong Zi and his disciples, the west wall are Mencius and his disciples.