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Small Taishan Bixia Palace


Located in the top of small Taishan in Feicheng City Hu Tun Town, the palace was built in Ming Dynasty Wanli eighteen years, and later rebuilt. Guangxu seventeen years "Feicheng county annals" records:"...... the southeast of Baoen rock is small riguan, there are Baxian cave, Bagua cave, the south is small Taishan, there are stone temple goddess, its north is Yuanjun hole, the under is Biyun cave." In Bixia palace, the west room worship Bixiayuanjun, people call her "Taishan old grandmother", the east room worship Taishanglaojun. The statue was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. In 1981, the stature was remodeled by local people, and was destroyed later; the existing building was kept fine.
   In front of Bixia palace, there is symbolic "Shiba Pan", 58 steps to the mountain gate, 1.36m wide, 1.84m high, 1.57m deep, built by stone slicei. On the door Engraved "Bixia Palace", the palace inside the courtyard is preserved well, stone masonry, the apex of the cone, the stone buckle arch and sits two adjacent, 5 meters long from east to west, 4.05 meters wide north-south, another former shed 1.05 meters, supported by eight columns, stone masonry, brick diffuse round top, central moment "Xiao Dong Tian" three words, on both sides of the moment "ternary heart", "five lines stretch. 8 shed pillars, 2.3 meters high, 0.26 m wide front, pay attention to modeling rules, respectively, with lines, grass, Lishu body engraved with four couplet, simple and vigorous lettering knife, considerable skill.
   There are two stone training inlayed in west wall. On the south side of the inscription: "Yongshou second year in 3th, March, various meeting Paul played fairy lady, metaplasia my body Xiao Dai Yong Town, authorized Bixia Yuanjun make peace and prosperity, steal to punish the anti espionage, the lives of the poor, fire and water disaster. Disciple Zhang Ziyu to wish the heart repair hair feeling empress palace, built in the Ming Wanli eighteen years." The north one lettering says "Xue Daoguang faction", postscript inscribed in Wanli years. In the house on the south side there is a stone in 1940, said: "the Small Taishan is Taishan branch. The ancients love the handsome, and then fix fairy lady Palace here. But the temple is small, wind and rain destroyed, the wall is short, look far danger, the temple house without the door, it is not a good appearance. Then Cao Bingshan saw this status, invite the good people to persuade, to supervise, and repair the Bao Shed, long walls, built the gate, so that the disadvantages have vanished. This has been completed, will be donated to their names and encourage the immortal credit. The main persons are Wang Hongliang, Zhang Huatong, Cao Bingshan, Tang Maomei....... Republic of China twenty-nine years on Gu dan." Tablet is height of about 120 cm, 61 cm wide.
   According to the Dai Exhibition "contains:" The east of Tao Shan peak bending, South is Baoen Rock, South East is Small Riguan and South as small Mount Tai, which is unique class, the top has stone temple of Yuanjun, on June 6, villagers pray for the match in this place.

The around of Bixia palace is built as Dongyue, has symbolic position of the cliff, street, Wanghai stone, Wang Lingguan, just like Dongyue. It almost has the same feeling of climbing Small Dai with Dongyue. The believers within a radius of a hundred miles will come here for in every lunar January 16 to 19 and June sixth to ninth, still continue to incense. In December 2006, it was designated as a municipal heritage unit.