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The Ruins of Zhulin Temple


Located in the hillside, about 1000 meters northeast of Feicheng Hutun Town Qi You Temple Village, it is also known as "Wuying Temple", "Xuanlin Temple". Because the original temple were surrounded with the bamboo forest, so named "Zhulin Temple". The place is surrounded by mountains on three sides, another side with a brook. According to the seventeen years of the Qing Dynasty "Feicheng county annals" contains: "The west of Taoshan has Zhulin Temple called" Wuying Temple” with three stone houses. On the number of yards, moss pedal level, Luo Ge spread. Beside the well is said "Wuying Gully". Right there is a waterfall cliff with Song Xuan and lettering, quite denudation."
   Zhulin Temple was built in the Han Dynasty, rebuilt several times in history, now surviving temple walls, Qian Long thirty-one years (1707), the Republic of China eight years (1919) rebuilt monument. Today Temple site in a piece of stone is divided into two cut in, engraved with the Qing Dynasty Qianlong 31 year bingxu February rebuilt the tablet Inscription of Zhulin Temple, the monument crown has "resound through ages" four words. According to the "Dai access" contains: "the inscription by Liu Chuanshi written by Liu Zuyao". Rebuilt in 1919, the Zhulin Temple inscription written: “the temple is deep, rocks and trees are beautiful, holes and caves are in the left and right. In Feicheng it is called scenic spots. There are three Buddha built in Song Xuan He years, protracted and in the meantime, commits Jin, song orders not stepping in Hebei’s counties, this excellent place becomes Yi prison...... Since the Song to Qing, seven hundred years during which the ups and downs of the stack easily and chaos phase circulation, and mountains and valleys change, not brother vicissitudes of life, and the temple also refers to the stone cliff collapse pressure, gone, the Vatican Palace as Feilai stone. The Buddha Temple decadent, dim, the good people Zhang Xuzhu and Tanyue strike comrade, rehabilitation of donor...... And so on".
   East of the ruins have a gigantic flying stones, engraved with the Xu Maoshen Zhang Huaijin of Jiazi years carved ZhulinTemple "three words, block, and on the south Tao Shan scholar Zhao Guanghu in the eighth year of Republic of China carved" San Bao "two block characters. Temple next to the site being a length and width 1 meter Tang building block, around relief lonicera flower pattern and holds the help in various poses four Arhats, its work fine, the south pointing carriage. There is a three meters deep wells in the ruins behind alone cliff, known as the" fairy well”, also called "shadowless hole", clear spring water; sweet and refreshing, drought does not dry up. Cliff carved "fairy well" three characters, the author to script engraved "Zou Xiao yue inscribed, Zhao Guanghu, will be the name of the book the half, it’s interesting for the view. In the site Northwest cliff, it is Xu Maoshen in the first year of Qing Xuan Tong scripted "love Tao Quan" three words. It is on the right side of the Northern Song Dynasty Xuanhe second year carved Maitreya Buddha portrait in shallow lines, the text is incomplete, but "Zhulin Temple cliffside Buddha figure worship" passable unrecognizable. The carved statues wear with robe and the after with circle. The west of the temple is a river, called the "waterfall cliff". Torrential rain runs along, the stream rush down, splash, sound like thunder. In the south of Zhulin Temple, climbing one hundred meters is Bangchui Cave, Chaotian Cave and Sanjian Cave. In the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Jiye had composed a poem praising that "the ruins of temple is steep, only has the heart of looking up, spin and turn to foot, the sky is looks deep. The Spring flows from the stone sinus, just suspected like Guqin."

The clear spring water, faint trails, birds flying among trees and caves, wind blowing and bamboo shaking; it is a wonderful scenic spots of Taoshan Scenic area.