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Niu Shan Mukezhai Tourist Area


Located in about 15 kilometers north of Feicheng City, with a total area of 19 square kilometers, the forest coverage rate reached 97%, it is a set of tourism, sightseeing, leisure, vacation as one of the National Forest Park, national AA level scenic spot. With beautiful scenic spots, woodsy fairyland, ridges and peaks such as poly, cliffs if screen, pine cover cypress, thin vine climbing trees, it is a natural tourist attraction. Numerous scenic natural landscape and cultural landscape, to Mukezhai peak 524 meters above sea level; it is currently the only remaining relatively complete ancient fortress in China, known as "the world the first ancient fortress". Built in the Tang Dynasty, Niushan temple, large-scale, known far and near, are the most complete ancient buildings in Niusahn. In addition to Tongchuan academy, Luoshi Spring, Wenchang Pavilion, "Guishan" stone, Zisheng temple, octagonal glass well and many other attractions, is a good place for leisure.