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Qiyou Temple


Located in west of Tao Moutain, Feicheng Hu Tun Town, 250m south of the old Qi You Temple village, it is originally called You Qi Shrine and latter changed to Qi You Temple. Dai Lan records ¡°There was temple built in Qin Dynasty, it is called Tao Gong You Qi Temple in his former residence, the seal monument said that Loyalty to the Emperor, Wisdom to protect himself, Thousand Years Later, No One Can Match Him, that is Li Si came back from Taishan and heard about Fan Li¡¯s tomb and wrote this word, the man who is called Si is really the prime minister Li Si. Until Han Dynasty, the Buddha was built in front of the temple and the word ¡°Tao Gong¡± was changed to You Qi Temple. ¡± In Guang Xu 17 year, Feicheng County Annals recorded that Xi You Temple¡¯s old name is You Qi Temple, in the west of Taoshan. In Tang Dynasty, the Buddha was built; the temple of Fan Shao Bo is on the right, rebuilt in Jin Dynasty. There are Rulai, Wenshu, Jinxian, Shibayingzhen consecrated. The building is tall and gorgeous; the six prism pillars are carved with patterns. There is the name of the person making the pillars in Jin Dynasty seventeen year. Half miles north of the temple is the Tomb of Fan Li. We can see that the temple was originally built in Han Dynasty, repaired by the following dynasties and later rebuilt in Jin Dynasty 17 year.

The main building inside is Daxiong Baodian, masonry structural, face to South, 22m long and 15m wide, supported by 8 pattern carved six prism pillars. There are big trees and stone tablets forest. Before the new China, the Buddha was destroyed and the Daxiong Baodian was dismantled in 1971, the tablets were used to build a reservoir. There are two carved six prism pillars, one Tang Jing Zhang and one Tang Xizong Li Xuan buddhosnisah Dharani column, which was transported and kept by Tai'an East Temple inscriptions Gallery showroom. The west temple and Weituo Temple are remaining, but severely damaged. San Ying of West Temple, the front Sha was supported by two walls south and north and two carved six prism pillars. North facing the door, Weituo Temple has no Buddha and only has murals. Its south wall has one stone carved one Bodhisattva, two maids in the left and right; feet step on the lotus, the status was vivid. Below carved status annals, the word can not be distinguished. Outside of the East and West wall, there are one bigger carved stone, showing 7 poetries about visiting Taoshan. This temple was almost collapsed in 2005, so removed to the west. East Weituo Temple, one bell tower is standing, supported by 4 eight prism pillars, destroyed during the time of iron steel sport and revised now. It used to be one of Feicheng 8 scenic spots, called ¡°mountain morning Bell¡±. According to Feicheng County Annals of Jiaqing 20 year ¡°the mountain morning bell is in Taoshan You Qi Temple, step in and the road twists and turns, you will reach the zen after one brook. At that time, the frost is clear and all sounds are still, the bell is hit; the valley answers the mountain sound, which can be heard far away from dozens of miles, so the Morning Bell is one of Feicheng¡¯s famous spots. ¡±

A few meters north of the Daxiong Baodian, 10 pieces of stone plinth are buried there; upper rounded and below square, 80 cm square. The west a root standing octagonal pillars, the above thick and below thin, about 0.5 meters in diameter, 4.3 meters high, a carved shallow line Phoenix, peony pattern, fine workmanship, top has been disabled; on the other side of the inscription, illegible, inscribed only the words¡°North Song Xuan He three year¡± acceptable identification. The East Tower has a well, even the year of drought; water level does not drop, clear.
   Qing Dynasty Guangxu seventeen years "Feicheng county annals" records: "Tao Shan perches temple stone floating seal, obliterate too much, the years suitable lack, however the word of Tian, Di, Ri, Nian are differnet, Wu object is to know. And (Tang Dynasty) Kaiyuan eight years, Zhang Lingchen made the floating seal, in the Tao Shan You Qi Temple." Kangxi eleven years of "Feicheng county annals" contains: You Qi Temple in the West thirty-five miles, founded in the Tang Dynasty, rebuilt in the first year of Yuan Dynasty.