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The Tomb of Zuo Qiu Ming


Located in the Northeast of Dong Heng Yu Village in Shiheng Town, Feicheng City, the tomb is 2 hectares, its tomb platform is 60m wide and 40m wide, the cemetery¡¯s diameter is 20m, 8m in height and the tombstone is also 8m high. In the front it¡¯s altar, censer, etc, below it¡¯s 10m wide asphalt pavement, the front 10m high tomb gateway is majestic.

The record of it was first fund in ¡°The Book of Wei- Topography¡±, which says ¡°Rich City (Today Feicheng) has the Tomb of Zuo Qiu Ming¡±. Yuan He Jun County Annals of Tang Dynasty records that ¡°There is the tomb of Zuo Qiu Ming Southeast of Pingyin¡±. In the Volume Three¡¯s sequence of Ming Dynasty ¡°Zuo Zhuan Jing She¡±, there is record that ¡°Feicheng is Zuo Zi¡¯s homeland, his tomb also exist¡±. In Qing Dynasty Kangxi 11 years, ¡°Feicheng County Annals¡± said ¡°Jin Dynasty official Zhai Sheng had poetry ¡°The Tomb Inscription of Zuo Qiu Ming¡±. As can be seen, the tomb had once been repaired by some people in Jin Dynasty. Because of profound changes and war and famine, the tomb was destroyed several times, in Ming Dynasty Jia Jing year, the tomb gateway was built and said ¡°the Tomb of Ancient Sage¡±. In Ming Dynasty Tian Qi year, Feicheng County Magistrate Wang Wei Jing rebuilt the tomb. In the early stage of New China, there are still have heap earth over mound, in front have tablet written by Wang Wei Jing in Ming Dynasty Tian Qi year, have memorial archway, stone animals and stone image and other appendage. Later, the earth was evened and the stone tablets and archway were annihilated.

In 2000, people in Shiheng Town rebuilt the tomb and set the archway ¡°the Tomb of Ancient Sage Zuo Qiu Ming¡±, written by the chairman of the Singapore Calligraphy Association Qiu Cheng Guang. During the repair, a large number of cultural relics of spring and autumn and Warring States Period were found and proved to be funerary objects of Zuo Qiu Ming and his descendants.