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The Tomb of Fan Li


Located in 200m north of You Qi Si village, west side of the main peak of Tao Moutain in Hutun Town, the tomb is unearthed during the Cultural Revolution in 1967. The tomb wall is bricked by rubble, and then filled up and the ruins are retained. Surrounded on three sides by mountain, the tomb is just like one armchair. The wall is 1m high, 15.1m long from south to north, 15.3m wide from east to west. It used to be surrounded by one meter high fence, where crowded by eight thousand year old cypress trees. There are three tablets in the front of the tomb, right ahead of one tablet, carved in block letters ¡°Yue Literati Fan Li¡¯s Tomb¡±, which is erected in Kangxi fifty-four years (1715). The middle tablet was rebuilt in the first year of the Tang Dynasty (627), which carved praise in seal script by Prime Minister Li Si of Qin ¡°Loyalty to the Emperor, Wisdom to protect himself, Thousand Years Later, No One Can Match Him¡±. In the back of the tablet, Prime Minister Zhang Liang, who is called Qing Song Zi in Han Dynasty laughingly appreciated that ¡°Hegemony is Immortal, Loyalty is Alive, This Pile of Soil is just the Gold, Spreading Forever, Everyone loves it, and the Ethics is Defended, the Universe Relying on¡±. That is to say ¡°Qin Dynasty¡¯s Tablets and Han Dynasty¡¯s Praises¡±. The tablet was destroyed in 1964; the three tablets and fence before it were repaired in 1996. The two tablets in front of the fence were built in 2002 by a Japanese friend Jiu Jing Fu.