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Liu Tai Peach Blossom Garden


As the excellent viewing area of million mu peach orchard and the AAA state grade tourism scenic spots, Liu Tai Peach Blossom Garden enjoys a good fame as Land of Idyllic Beauty, Fairyland on Earth The scenic spots have no color painting, only with thatched cottage and mud steps, which takes the natural beauty and simple style, just like a godsend. Its character of tourism is modeled by the standard True Mountain, True Scenery and True Air of green ecology and has a rich wild flavor. Integrating tourism and folk customs, the scenic spots is a good place for experiencing exotic folk and taking a holiday. There are more than 20 scenic spots, such as Peach Blossom Ditch, Money Road, Fortune Bridge, Si Yuan Tower, East China First War Tunnel, Peach Village Folk Museum, Tao Yuan Lake, Tao Hua Tower, Winding Path, and Tao Yuan Mountain Villa. Since 2002, 13 Peach Blossom Tourism Festivals are presented in this scenic spots continuously and successfully.