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Chunqiu ancient city


The Chunqiu ancient city is located in west of Kangwang road and south of Longshan road in Feicheng city Shandong province, with tourism core area of 1400 mu and building area of 0.66 million square meters.

The travel mainline of Chunqiu ancient city consists of two axles, two rivers, one park and six squares. Two axles include Chunqiu road with Chunqiu culture as main point and Qiuming road with local culture as main point; Two rivers include Feizi river with leisure and recreation as main point and Peach brook with landscape as main point; One park is the Chunqiu culture park showing the historic culture of Chunqiu period; six squares include Chunqiu square with Chunqiu etiquette culture, Temple fair square with religion and folklore culture, Nine tripods square with tripod culture and musical culture, Peach blossom square with peach culture; Taozhu square with Fanli commercial culture and Qiuming square with Zuoqiuming culture as main point.

Chunqiu square is the main distribution place for tourists showing the city defense culture and etiquette culture of Chunqiu period. There are city gate towers and ceremony pavilions on the park, and the city gate is the landmark and the reception center of ancient city; the ceremony pavilion is the place where people welcome and sendoff customers.

The Temple Fair Square shows religious culture and local civil culture. There are Chunqiu Temple, City God Temple, and Ancient Stage. The Chunqiu Temple shows the ideology and culture of the ancient philosophers which is originated from Chunqiu period; the City God Temple is the place where people pray fortune and safety; the Ancient Stage is the place where people perform local operas and local song and dance.

The Chunqiu culture park is the most important culture show place of the Chunqiu ancient city which includes showcase of the Chunqiu historic culture (Chunqiu nations park); large-scale live-action performance placeround water temple; classical children amusement area(including 4D cinema); showcase of filial piety culture and showcase of beauty health care culture(Chenyu pool).

The Nine tripods square shows tripod culture and holds sacrifice activity and song and dance activity every day. There is Chunqiu music palace showing the musical instrument of Chunqiu period and making Chunqiu concert.

The Peach blossom square shows peach blossom, peach wood and Buddha peach culture. There are Feicheng county yamun which shows the historic culture and folk culture and peach wood guild hall showing peach wood culture.

Taozhu square shows the commercial culture of Fanli. There is Confucian businessman guide hall displaying the life story of Fanli.

The Zuoqiuming square is corresponding with Zuoqiuming Park, showing Zuoqiuming culture. There is Zuoqiuming academy studying <Chunqiu zuo biography > culture and commemorating history saint Zuoqiuming.

   Feizi river is the place of experiencing leisure and recreation culture with width of 8-10 meters and people can paddle boats on it. There are eight stone arch bridges and Sifang tower which is the highest building of ancient city. There are many recreational facilities such as entertainment bar, wine bar, tea bar, book bar and the Spa centre along the river.