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Taishan New Cooperative International Hotel


Taishan new cooperation international hotel is the Shandong Taishan New Cooperative Commerce Chain Co., Ltd., a wholly owned investment construction, by the Jinan Shun Geng villa hotel management company to manage a home, according to the international four-star hotel standard design and multi - functional hotel.

Hotel is located in Taian Feicheng City, New Town Road No. 069, is located in the city's most prosperous areas, backed by the municipal Party committee and municipal government and south to the scenic mountain river, Beitiao national cattle Mountain Forest Park, West High Tech Development Zone, the environment is superior, the transportation is convenient. According to the four star Traders Hotel international standard construction, a total investment of 150 million yuan, a total construction area of 26000 square meters, the building is 99.1 meters high, a total of 22 floors, 21 floors on the ground, 1 floors underground. Architectural style is novel, unique, the Feicheng area landmarks.