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Famous for its beautiful appearance, good taste and rich nutrition at home and abroad, Feicheng peach is hailed as “the champion of peach”. To 2010, the total area of Feicheng peach has reached to 1million Mu with annual productivity of 10 billion kilograms, mainly distributed in the middle mountain area of Feicheng city such as country of Taoyuan, Yiyang and Xincheng.  
  Since Ming dynasty, Feicheng peach has been regarded as the royal tribute.Annals of Shandongin 1726 andFeicheng Local Recordsin Guangxu 34 years all gave high praise that Feicheng peach is the best peach and most famous in the world. The unique climate, soil and water condition breed special quality of Feicheng peach. According to the expert appraisal, the average content of soluble solids is above 16.8% and 100g flash of Feicheng peach have reducing vitamin C of 7.31mg. Besides, it has many kinds of protein and micronutrients that human body need. Feicheng peach has high security and medicinal value and long time eating is beneficial to spleen and stomach, making meridian active and anti-aging.
  Under long term cultivation, with natural varied and artificial preferred, Feicheng peach has formed many different kinds of strain. Feicheng honey peach is mature from end of July to begin of August with main property of rose red color. One peach is averagely above 250g and the soluble solids percentage is above 14%, which is easy storage. Feicheng Buddha Peach is mature at the end of August and begin of September with beige color or flush color. One peach is averagely above 350g and the biggest is 900g, with soluble solids of more than 17%, smelt sweet. In recent years, Feicheng made a great breakthrough in searching and innovating peach germplasm resources. In 1996, Feicheng government invested 1.2 billion to biotechnology and researching peach new varieties. After 8 years study by Feicheng Peach Research Institute and CAS Institute of Botany, Feicheng peach as female parent and other high qualified peach varieties as male parent, through interspecific hybridization, auxiliary embryo transformation technology, they cultivated new four varieties: early red Feicheng peach, carmine Feicheng peach, red Feicheng peach and prince and achieved a new breakthrough. With shaded area of more than 90%, normal temperature storage period of 15 ~ 20 days, Feicheng peach keeps the good character and tremendous market potential.

In addition to the Feicheng peach varieties, more than 60 foreign varieties are introduced, such as New Kawanakajima, Lai Shan honey, Chinese peach, Almond peach, Gold peach and Nectarine etc., which has achieved the goal that four seasons have peach, being the high qualified peach production base in middle and south of Shandong province. In 2001 and 2002, Feicheng peach has been rated as brand-name products in China International Agricultural Fair. In 2002, 12000 Mu Feicheng peach passed the A grade green food certificate by national green food center. Peach and its processing products have been sold to many large and medium-sized cities in china.