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In 2016, our city has 142 schools in total, 129kindergartens, 11 million students, 31,000 children in the kindergarten, 9229 thestaff of in-service.

Pre - school education

As of the end of 2016,our city has atotal of 169 registered kindergartens (including 129 fixed-point kindergarten ,40 branches ). According to the designated kindergarten statistics, including100 public and public nature kindergarten, 29 private kindergarten; the citykindergarten has 2587 faculty members, including 2322 full-time teachers, 1466 specialistand above 1466, 63% of a total; 1045 people has teacher qualificationcertificate , accounting for 45%. our city's has 31214 children in the garden ,including 22914 children in the public and public nature kindergartens ,accounting for 73.4%; and 8300 children in the private garden , accounting for26.6%;the city's pre-school admission rateis 100% ,Admission rate of 98%. The city has 2 ¡°top ten¡±kindergarten in  Shandong Province,4 Tai¡¯anCity top ten nursery school; 29 provincial experiment (demonstration)kindergarten , 58 Tai'an City level standardized kindergarten , Tai'an citylevel above standardized kindergarten accounted for 67% .

Compulsory education

In 2016, our city's ordinary primaryand secondary schools reduced to 118, the city's primary school, junior highschool students were 83300 people. Adhere to the compulsory enrollment andschool district management, primary school, junior high school enrollment rateof 100%. We will strengthen the care of children left behind in rural areas andissue "opinions on further strengthening the implementation of care forchildren left behind in rural areas".Wecarry out "love 365" children's care activities and carry out careactivities with 18 volunteer groups in 18 rural primary schools.and the investigation of the basic educationsituation of 35 poverty-stricken villages and 41 municipal poverty-strickenvillages in the province's education poverty alleviation area to ensure thatthe degree of compulsory education in poverty-stricken areas is over 98%, andthe gross enrollment rate in high school is over 80%.

High school education

In 2016,our city has 6 ordinary high school,19397students in school. In July 2016,The second middle school from the town mvoingto the city proper.

Special education

In 2016,we have carried outdilapidated work of 0-18 years children . we take the first to promote"send home" work for the city's 38 special children to carry outschool delivery , to send rehabilitation home, sent to love the door in Tai'anCity. Spread the resources of classroom construction work, try hard to win450000 RMB of financial funds  for thecity's more than 5 special children's 9 schools to build standard resourcesclassrooms.To strengthen the school to sendhome and attend classes to teach the training of teachers, respectively, in thespecial education schools and the town of Anjiazhuang town primary andsecondary schools to carry out regular classes in the backbone of teachertraining, training more than 120 teachers. In December, special educationschool new 4000 square meters building building delivery.

Vocational education

The city has Feicheng vocationalsecondary vocational schools (Feicheng senior technical schools), townshipenterprises and 3 commercial vocational schools.In2016, Feicheng City vocational secondary school (Feicheng senior technicalschool) new school part was opened, In August Yiyang campus as a whole move. has446 Teaching staff , the national moral education advanced individual,provincial teaching experts, provincial outstanding teachers, Taishan teachersand other 120 people. 2279 students enrolled throughout the year, an increaseof 42%; 4807 students , including 158 students in the preparatory class, 696 seniorclass students 696. which Joined the Lenovo Vocational Education Group, heldthe first phase of "Lenovo special class", access to ShandongProvince, vocational education innovation and entrepreneurship educationtypical case award. Network security project won the first prize of ShandongProvince vocational college skills contest. 1256 students were admitted toChina National Heavy Duty Truck, Zhongtai Automobile, Midea Group and other enterprisesemployment, employment satisfaction rate is  92%; 54 students were Shandong TransportationInstitute, Taishan Medical College, Linyi University and other undergraduateinstitutions admission; carry out special operations, "Gold bluecollar", e-commerce short-term training more than 6,000 people.

Adult education

The city has 13 adult school center, 153.88 cares area ,14600 squaremeters construction area , 19.641 million in RMB of fixed assets. has 166 faculty members, including 151 full-timeteachers, 112 part-time teachers outside the school. In 2016, Shi Heng invested70,000 RMB, updated 25 computes 100 sets of stools, 2000 books, paintingclassroom 5000 square meters.To carry outvarious types of "new farmers" training, the cumulative training ofmore than 4,000 people. Yiyang town offers lectures on Confucian culture andcivilized etiquette in 49 administrative villages and communities. Sun Bai towncarry out natural gas safety knowledge training more than 1,000 people for thecommunity residents . Chaoquan town introducted the project of Qingdao ShiMeier handicraft processing ,recruit and trained of more than 100 students;Wang Guadian mushroom greenhouse to promote more than 7,000 bottles ofbacteria, to promote the area of 112 acres, the annual production of more than30,000 Catty, 3000 sets of finepeach wood products and peach Ruyi ,20000 pieces of peach pendanthas been produced by the factory , steel ballprocessing workshop in the processing of more than 800 tons of steel balls forthe chaff machine supporting the production chain more than 2,000 hanging; Bianyuantown to promote pig breeding 100 Head more than 6 households, to promote morethan 100 acres of nursery stock.